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The ravens cast requiem shadows over my cold blood.

It's Wednesday, so that means it's time for yet another excellent Kueicast! We'll be starting at 8 PM Central tonight and probably running until about 11. Get your eye-liner, black lipstick, and clove cigarettes! Tonight's theme, in honor of being one week from Halloween, will be gothic/industrial and horror music.

Hell, I might spin the entire Silent Hill movie soundtrack in hour two. The chilly weather's got me in that kind of mood.

If you've got any requests, get 'em in now! I'll also take live calls this week!

How To Listen:
*Open your favorite media player. Winamp, VLC, and iTunes seem to work best, but Realplayer, Windows Media, and Media Player Classic work, too.
*Find your "Open URL" command. (For Windows users, that's usually Ctrl+U.)
*Kick back, relax, and enjoy the show!
If the address doesn't work, contact me and I'll give you an alternate address.

How To Participate:
*I'm available via IM during the show. I use AIM, MSN, and Yahoo. I'll probably set up show-specific screen names in the near future.
*I'm available via Gmail, either by emailing me or by using Gmail's built-in chat.
*If you want your emails or IMs read during the show, please let me know!
*I take requests! I do, however, ask that requests be sent at least one hour before showtime. If I don't have the track in question, I'll download it. However, to put out a high-quality stream, I cannot download during the show.
*I accept call-ins! If you want to be heard on the show, let me know!

How To Help:
*Spread the word! If you like the show, tell your friends!
*Donate! Donations buy better microphones, more bandwidth, etc.
*Send me stuff to play! Turn me on to the music you like and it'll probably end up on the show! I'm also always looking for more cover songs to play, the weirder the better.
*Send me stuff to talk about! Point me to news stories, reviews, whatever you want!

In The Works:
*Kueicast website!
*Dedicated IM names and email
*Better equipment
*RSS feed
*Downloadable podcasts
*Live call-ins via Skype
*Bigger bandwidth for higher-quality streams
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